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Eyebrow Tattoo (Buy 1 Take 1)

Eyebrow Tattoo Last Up To 7-Days!

A great eyebrow day can require patience, time, and lots of makeup application skill. If you're tired of losing all that hard work the moment you wash your face, the 
3-Color Water Gel Peel-Off Eyebrow Tattoo is the perfect solution you've been waiting for. This is an innovative product to help achieve those natural-looking brows that last for a long time


  • It defines the eyebrows, without smudges, giving a natural and gentle effect
  • The color release is even
  • Optimum hold ensures a long-lasting result (up to 7 days)
  • It comes in three different colors: Brown (for darker brows), Light Brown (which has a warm undertone), Coffee Brown (a taupe-like shade that works for lighter brows)
  • It allows maximum pigment absorption into the skin for a waterproof tattooed brow
  • The product does an incredible job of staying in place, even after a long, hot, humid day or a workout at the gym
  • Easily peel off with no pain
  • Easy to use so you can apply this product with expert precision
  • Since its waterproof, it's perfect for outdoor sports, traveling and spending a day on the beach

Makes perfectly defined and evenly filled brows that could last up to seven days. This is known for its staying power and is subsequently loved by women everywhere. It's much stronger and longer wearing tint because of its impressive water resistance compared to other brow gels.

The 3-Color Water Gel Peel-Off Eyebrow Tattoo is guaranteed to give your brows a hair-like texture that doesn't look painted on!

With a thin brush which allows you to define not just the denser parts of your brow, but the little baby hairs, too, making your brows look fuller and thicker on all sides.




    • Certification: GZZZ
    • Net Weight: 5g


    • 1Pc Peel-off Eyebrow Tint Gel

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