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Comfort Quest Inflatable Bed (Single & Double Size)

Comfort Quest Is Finally Here! 

Take the comfort of your own bed anywhere with the Comfort Quest Flocked Airbed. The airbed has a sturdy coil beam construction for improved stability and a flocked surface to enhance relaxation and is great for guests and camping trips

✅ Convenient for indoors  

✅ Convenient for outdoors 

✅ Easy to inflate & deflate  

✅ Durable and gentle to the touch

✅ Manual Pump Included 



The inclusion of a quick inflation and deflation valve enables easy connection to an external pump and provides a swift and simple set up. With its combination of comfort, style, and easy maintenance it’s a fantastic alternative to a standard mattress and a great space-saving alternative to a framed bed.


  • Sturdy and relaxing coil beam construction
  • Flocked sleeping surface for maximum comfort
  • Quick inflation and deflation screw valve
  • Specially designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes heavy-duty adhesive repair patch


Size:191x137x22cm (2,299 Php)

Size:1.85m x 76cm x 22cm (2,099 Php) 

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