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4.5M LED Retractable Flashlight Pet Dog Leash

Retractable Flashlight Dog Leash


Juggling a leash, waste bags and flashlight while still attempting to maintain control of your dog it's almost impossible. 

4.5M LED Flashlight Extendable Retractable Pet Dog Leash Lead with Garbage Bag Compartment. 

With this AMAZING TRIPLE FUNCTION FLASHLIGHT AND WASTE BAG LEASH lets you walk SAFELY and CONVENIENTLY when taking your best friend for a walk!

Not only does this leash provide CONTROL of your pet's wandering, but it also provides you with the light to see what is ahead.  If that isn't enough, there is also a waste bag compartment on this leash making it a 3 in 1 amazing tool.

How to use:
2. Lock the lead to a secure length in a dangerous place
3. Never hold or grab the lead and do not make the rope wrap around or your pet
4. Never leave your dog unattended with the retractable dog leash
5. Keep beyond kid’s touch


✔️  Retractable leash

✔️  Flashlight

✔️  Waste bag holder

This leash is best used for dogs under 45kg.  the leash extends up to 4.5 meters allowing your pet to remain close but have plenty of lead.  help make your walk safer while having the advantage of not needing to carry many items with you!

✔️  Increases safety with an inbuilt flashlight

✔️  3 in 1 function

✔️  Frees up your hands

The retractable leash allows you to give your dog nearly 15 feet of FREEDOM while still being able to control the distance your dog can stray when you are near busy roads. 

An LED flashlight can be switched off for daytime walks and on for nighttime walks to INCREASE VISIBILITY and SAFETY for both you and your precious pup.

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